THE AURA VIDEO STATION  is the most advanced technologically biofeedback system of its kind. 

THE AURA VIDEO STATION  is an interactive multimedia biofeedback aura imaging computer system built on the principles and studies of biofeedback,color psychology,human energy field and mind-body knowledge.

We are passionate about revealing the secrets of Bioenergetic Fields, visualizing 

Human Energy in real time and enLightening the Mind,Body and Soul.

We take our clients on a guide tour of their PERSONAL ENERGY.You can do the same!

Aura Video Station is used by Life and Wellness Coaches,Holistic and Homeopathic Practitioners, Acupunture Specialtists, Chiropractors,Spas,Health and Wellness Centers,Yoga Studios, Reiki and Energy Workers, Wholefood Stores,Resturants,Fashion and Jewelery Designers, and many more...

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