What physical parameters,biofeedback data and energy frequencies are measured?

Aura Video Systems measure biofeedback data like electro-dermal activity and temperature from a client's hand. This data is correlated and processed via our biofeedback hardware and software, and displayed as a representation of the client's emotional-energetic state. All of the psycho-physiological data measured and picked up via the biosensor is used in the correlation process to determine and display an accurate representation of the aura colors, chakras and other vital and insightful information. 

Where did this advanced technology begin?

Dr. Valerie Hunt, one of the leading researches of the University of California at Los Angeles, was a pioneer in the advanced study of the human aura and biofeedback in the 1970s and 1980s. She says? "The important part of this technology is the correlation process between the measured bio-data and specific states of mind, body and energy from the client."

Basically what Dr. Hunt did at UCLA was to hook up her subjects with sophisticated biofeedback sensors. At the same time, clairvoyant healers and sensitives were watching the subject to describe the actual aura around the subject. Even the physical body was hidden, so the sensitive could only see an aura, which supposedly extended beyond the physical body.

The measured bio-data was then compared to the descriptions of the aura colors, shapes and visual patterns by the sensitives. Dr. Hunt found specific bio-data frequencies and patterns that would indicate a specific aura color.Whenever the bio-data would appear on the monitor, the sensitive would "see" the correlating aura color around the subject.

This research was groundbreaking and confirmed, for the first time, a direct relationship between the human body and the human aura. In technical terms, the psycho-physiological data measured through biofeedback clearly correlates with aura colors around a subject as described by sensitives.

How does AVS technology take advantage of this work in aura reading?

Aura Video Station use a very similar technology and concept. Over the years we have studied our biofeedback sensor and technology, and improved the accuracy and display to give the user an accurate visual representation of a client's and customer's aura. In addition, AVS also display the standart biofeedback data graphs and meters found in many standard biofeedback devices. The main focus though was to make it easy for the health practitioner and also the client to understand and digest information.

How many Aura Video Stations are in operation worldwide?

Currently there are thousands of Aura Video Stations are in operation worldwide and one of the main reasons why AVSs have been so extremely successful is that healers and sensitives alike confirm again again the accuracy of our aura chakra display. Our visual aura chakra images and reports are excellent and of supreme photo quality. Most of all, we offer the highest quality hardware and software and technical and service on the market.

Can the Aura Video Station show any physical,emotional or mental problems or diseases?

The Aura Video Station is not ment to diagnose any physical, emotional or mental problems or diseases. It is important to state that only a licenced doctor , psychologist or therapist is allowed to diagnose or treat patients. The Aura Video Station is mainly an educational tool that reveals measured biofeedback data via graphs, meters and aura-chakra images to the client.Although an AVS owner is not allowed diagnose physical symptoms or diseases with the Station (exceptions are licensed health proffesionals), we have found it to be an excellent tool in determining the overall Mind-Body-Spirit condition of a client.

How does the Aura Video Station relate to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection?

It is common knowledge, that our thoughts and emotions have a very powerful effect and influence on our physical body. The science of neuro-immunology has studied the Mind-Body-Spirit connection extensively. Let’s look at the science of energetic and mind-body-spirit medicine to understand the relationship between our body, our mind and our aura and chakras. In the last decades it has become clear that our mind, our thoughts and our emotions play a vital role in our physical well-being.
There has been a tremendous demand for complementary and alternative medicine. Patients decided that many conventional treatments did either not work for them or produced too many side effects. Therefore therapies and treatments like Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and
many others are popular as ever. Most complementary therapies use a model that somehow includes a connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Even conventional medicine like neuro-immunology and psychiatry are slowly starting to integrate mind-body-spirit
knowledge, and have started studying this phenomenon. Mind-Body Connection means, that our psyche, emotions and mind do have a powerful influence over our body. There is a connection between our mind and our body via the brain and our nervous system, and many symptoms are
influenced by our emotional and mental condition.
The aura or energy field basically reflects this connection between body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored or reflected in the aura, and therefore the aura and chakras can be used to determine the underlying issues related to physical symptoms. Your
client’s aura and chakras reflect his or her emotional-energetic wellness and therefore can be used as a true holistic indicator of body-mind-spirit wellness.

How does the Aura Video Station help you with my clients' wellness?

The Aura Video Station measures your client’s emotional-energetic level via the biosensor.This data reflects the state and changes of energy and will change with the physical, emotional,mental and spiritual changes or behavior of the client. There is a very close relationship between
the aura colors, the emotional state, the personality patterns and the physical body of a person.
Aura Base Color: Dominant Yellow-Orange Aura Color.
Personality Profile: Analytical, precise, structured, stable, focused, security oriented personality.
Mental State: Strong, intense thinker, always mentally active, hard time letting go mentally,even think while sleeping.
Emotional State: Think about their emotions more then expressing them, difficult time to really feel and digest emotions.
Physical State: Focus in around head and solar plexus/stomach, often these clients experience bad digestion, stomach, liver, kidney problems, headaches, shoulder and head tensions.
The point is that there is a very clear and strong relationship between body-mind-spirit and a client’s aura-chakra image. A trained and experienced Aura Video Station operator will get a tremendous amount of information using the aura chakra images and bio-data and chakra graphs
in their daily work. 

How does this technique differ from resonance frequency measurements?

Resonance frequency measurements or Mora/Voll, etc. are very complex and an in-depth education and training is necessary. Usually they use acupuncture points (which you need to find and detect first), then you measure these points. The goal of Aura Video Systems is to provide a
visual tool that the therapist and especially the client can understand. We are trying to visually show the client’s emotional-energetic state. If you want to spend one hour analyzing the detailed acupuncture points and patterns of a client and go into every single details then Mora/Voll
machines are a good choice. If you are looking for a visual, educational tool to show before-andafter images, personality, spiritual patterns, aura-chakra data, and much more, then our Aura Video Systems will provide you with much better features and applications. 

What is the difference between Aura Video images and Kirlian Photography?

Kirlian Photography uses a high voltage setup to display the corona or energy around fingers or feet. Basically you place your fingers on an electric plate and after you get a light shock a corona around your finger shows up on the photo paper. There are huge differences in the quality of
Kirlian devices starting from a few hundred dollars to very expensive systems. The professional systems will give you valuable information about a client’s energetic state. Kirlian requires extensive training, because it is very complex and often difficult for practitioners and also
patients to understand. An in-depth knowledge of the meridian/acupuncture system in the body and a long experience with the specific Kirlian equipment is necessary to use for medical and therapeutic work.
Inneractive’s Aura Video Systems do not use Kirlian technology but rather a biofeedback “measuring” device to detect and measure bio-data. We do not stimulate clients with high voltage, but only measure the energy flow and activity in the body.

Aura Video Systems have many advantages over a Kirlian device:

* High quality color full-body aura chakra photos and aura photo headshot.
* Up to 22 page aura chakra reports in 16 languages.
* A wide range of features and applications not found in Kirlian devices.
* Much easier to use and understand for your clients’ wellness.
* More visual, therefore client understands the process and analysis better.
* No electric shock or stimulation.
* Computerized system works on PC and laptop.
* Very easy to operate, no calibration or intuitive adjustment necessary.
* Colorful and visual pleasing graphics and display. Clients love it! 

How does this technique differ from other aura-reading systems?

The newest gimmick available is called an Aura Emulation Camera, which basically is a standard, cheap Polaroid Instant Photo camera with light bulbs that costs $50 to $150. When you take a photo, your photograph’s field of vision includes not only the person in front of you, but
also any random colored lights that are also displayed. The result is a portrait with colors that has no meaning whatsoever. You can also compare our system with the old-style Aura Imaging Camera that costs approximately $10,000, which produces an aura photo and actually measures
something, even if it is not that sophisticated. This is an 8 to 10 year old technology and has very expensive operational costs. It is important to understand that the Emulation Camera just produces a fun, colorful photo that has no meaning or cannot be used for any type of analysis or
therapeutic and healing work.
Inneractive Inc.’s Aura Video Systems use very sophisticated biofeedback sensors to measure the client’s emotional-energetic state. Biofeedback has a long history and has been researched in depth over the last 50 years. Inneractive Aura Video Systems show an actual representation of
your client’s aura and charkas, as confirmed by healers, scientists and sensitives. It is a high-end biofeedback system with real-time biofeedback, data graphs, and aura and chakra graphs. You can also print a 22-page Aura Chakra Analysis Report, a full-body aura chakra image and an
aura photo headshot that uses actual data measured from the client’s body, mind and spirit.

How sensetive and accurate is the AVS?

We have hundreds of therapists, health practitioners, doctors, naturopaths, healers, and Reikiaroma-color-sound-energy practitioners, massage therapists, etc. that have used our Aura Video Systems since 1996. The value of our technology has been proven time and again in many
different applications.
You will be able to notice the most sensitive changes in the aura chakra image, the aura chakra graphs and bio-data therapy graphs as to how your client is changing energetically, emotionallyand mentally by using the various healing methods, techniques, therapies and products.
Operators use it before and after healing sessions to determine the quality of their healing work.They use it to test the healing effects of products and services and much more.
Our Aura Video Systems have been designed to show the emotional-energetic changes and display this information in real-time onscreen. Naturally there are limitations to any technology,especially if you compare this technology with the most sensitive tool available – the human
body and senses. But currently no other technology is as widely used and as accurate in displaying a person’s full body aura and chakra colors than our Aura Video Systems. We always recommend talking to current system owners to get their feedback and listen to their
success stories, unusual experiences and interesting applications.

Do the aura chart and color analysis only indicates positive feedback? Is nothing negative?

You will find mainly positively formulated and edited personality traits and qualities in the Aura Reports. We believe that there is no good or bad aura or good or bad energies. If we create awareness and understand our current energetic state, then we can improve on it, no matter
where we are. Challenges or disharmonious energies can be transformed by focusing on a positive goal and redirecting the energy toward balance. Energy is always neutral. It is our focus or direction that determines how we use the energy and where our journey takes us. Therefore
we keep the written reports light and positive. It is up to the therapist and operator to go deeper into the client’s stress areas and to support them in transforming these areas into greater balance and better harmony. We believe in guiding clients in a playful and educational way, using the
subconscious mind in the process. For example, if you see a very low solar plexus chakra (small size and dark color), our report
does not indicate that the client has solar plexus or stomach and liver problems. The report might just say that a strong attention is focused in the solar plexus and then we leave it up to the therapist and practitioner to decide which course of action in the form of education or therapy is
necessary for the client.

Will clients come back regularly or get their aura checked only sometimes?

According to our experience, it is not true that customers will only have their auras checked once or twice and then lose their interest. It is true that some customers have rows of aura images on their refrigerator doors and come back again and again. Our Aura Video Station owners
confirm that the best clients are repeat clients that are so excited and satisfied about their aura image, report and analysis, that they come back regularly and, in most cases, bring their friends, families and neighbors.
Millions of people test their blood pressure very regularly. Testing your aura and chakras will be as important in the future as checking your blood pressure or pulse. You can be an innovator in the front ranks of energy development by offering this new exciting and educational service to
clients. “Energy medicine” or “energy services” that deal with and educate about the human aura will absolutely be a huge market in the next decades to come. 

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